[Piuparts-devel] piatti.git more templates and known problems

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Mon Feb 27 17:20:02 UTC 2012

Hi Holger,

there are a few more templates and a lot of new known problems in the
(stacked) branches templates and known-problems:

Andreas Beckmann (9):
      new template: fails_to_upgrade_from_lenny_to_squeeze_to_wheezy
      new template:
      new template: removal_makes_files_disappear
      known_problems: report failed maintainer scripts in success logs
      known_problems: report failed packages leaving alternatives
      known_problems: report passed packages leaving alternatives
      known_problems: document owned files due to dpkg bug
      known_problems: report passed logs with unowned files
      known_problems: report passed logs with owned files

needs a detect_well_known_errors --recheck, I'll send a patch for
piuparts to include this in the report later


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