[Piuparts-devel] dkms state

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Thu Jul 19 18:04:50 UTC 2012


On Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2012, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> what's the best way to ping the dkms maintainers to fix their bugs?

ping the bugs in the BTS. (If those people were really inactive completly, 
following the MIA procedure would the way, but I dont think thats applicable 

> At least the two where I sent patches (1 RC) to fix piuparts issues.

which is the 2nd bug you want to address?

> Or should we start preparing a NMU?

yes, we're in RC bug fixing season, so NMU are more welcome then ever. I'd 
probably upload it :)


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