[Piuparts-devel] pull: everything

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Sat Jul 28 07:06:57 UTC 2012

Andreas Beckmann (25):
# misc
      p: ignore /var/lib/vmm/
      post_install_find_bad_permissions: ignore sockets
      p-s: move the SIGHUP test
      p: --install-purge-install: use restore_selections()
      DefaultType text/plain
# feature/submit-after-processing
      p-s: submit logs after (single) Ctrl-C
      p-s: try to unreserve all reserved logs after interrupt
# feature/recycling
      lib/db: split lookup from compute
      lib/db: add recycle/ subdirectory
      lib/db: treat packages in recycle/ as "unknown"
      lib/db: implement logfile recycling
      lib/db: add enable_recycling() method
      p-m: add "recycle" command
      p-s: add _recycle_wait_until timeout counter
      p-s: try to enable recycling in master connection
      p-s: enter recycle mode
      reschedule_oldest_logs: link candidates to recycle/
      reschedule_oldest_logs: reorganize scopes
      reschedule_oldest_logs: cleanup obsolete rescheduling requests
      update changelog and todo for recycling mode
# feature/idle
      lib/db: remember the time the states were computed
      p-m: remember idle mode by creating stamp files
      lib/db: add get_mtime() method
      p-m: implement 'idle' command
      p-s: issue "idle" command before "reserve"

out of town and offline over the weekend+monday

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