[Piuparts-devel] Bug#530733: piuparts: [PATCH] This patch is against 0.44 and work on git revision of today

Mehdi Abaakouk sileht at sileht.net
Thu Jun 7 13:42:39 UTC 2012

> Your patch is against the master branch which corresponds to the 0.44
> release. Please rebase on the develop branch, there are some merge
> conflicts currently. Don't modify the changelog trailer line.


> You may want to fork my git repository on github:
> https://github.com/anbe42/piuparts
> so the these exists an easily discoverable connection on github.

Same location but linked to yours, now:

> There have been a lot of fixes in the develop branch ... please try
> again. You can also run piuparts.py directly from git, it does not
> depend on any other python modules from the piuparts package.
> sudo python piuparts.py --mirror http://my.mirr.or/debian -d sid \
>   [--schroot=...] -a mini-buildd-bld

With the develop branch, everything work fine, after timeout all process and
mountpoint are clean now.

> Does your patch work with distupgrade tests? There may be more
> adjustments needed in install_and_upgrade_between_distros w.r.t.
> temp_tgz handling:
> piuparts ... -d wheezy -d sid -a hello

good shot, I have fixed it, schroot don't need handle temp_tgz for
distupgrade test at all.

Updated commit here now:

Mehdi Abaakouk
sileht at sileht.net
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