[Piuparts-devel] Bug#652934: Bug#652934: Bug#652934: status

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Sun Jun 17 17:30:46 UTC 2012

Hi Dave,

On Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012, Dave Steele wrote:
> Patches are laid out by issue in server-fixup. Squashed in
> piuparts-server. I split out dh_install - debian/tmp, and laid out the
> -report changes more logically (which led to more cleanup in there).
> There are still some mixing of issues in the later patches.
> It passes default pbuilder and piuparts tests. There are lintian
> warnings for missing piuparts_slave_run|join man pages. I haven't
> validated the html.
> It's running from a fresh install, without obvious issues. It hasn't
> been tested much beyond that. I'm making it available now because it
> may be some time before I can get back to this.

ok, cool. 

I have cherry-picked most of your patches from your dave/server-fixups branch 
into develop, quite some of them I've rebased into single commits after that.

I have _not_ cherry-picked:

cdb6178 piuparts-slave can ssh to master without known-hosts intervention
- disabling security in the code is a no-go. I'm happy to support this via 
configuration though.

eb6e527 Modify slave_run to work if the previous log doesn't exist
- that screen session should really always run as root (which btw is an 
unrelated change to your actual commit..)

fef094b Modify scripts to use /var/tmp and /var/lib/piuparts as base dirs
- home directories must not reside in /usr/share/!

Last and _definitly not least_: please delete unused branches, I've spent 
quite some time finding out which branch was your latest... :/ If you dont 
want to delete them, move them to some useful prefix, please.


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