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(new) piuparts-common_0.45_all.deb extra devel
common piuparts components
 piupartslib, common library used by piuparts-master, -reports, -analyze and
 See http://piuparts.debian.org or the piuparts package to learn more about
(new) piuparts-master_0.45_all.deb extra devel
piuparts master components
 piuparts is meant as a quality assurance tool for people who create .deb
 packages to test them before they upload them to the Debian package archive.
 A master/slave piuparts installation is used for testing complete archives
 as it is done on http://piuparts.debian.org/.
 This package provides the piuparts-master, which needs one or more slave to
 operate. It also contains piuparts-reports to generate web pages with the
 testing results as well as documentation.
(new) piuparts-slave_0.45_all.deb extra devel
piuparts slave components
 piuparts is meant as a quality assurance tool for people who create .deb
 packages to test them before they upload them to the Debian package archive.
 A master/slave piuparts installation is used for testing complete archives
 as it is done on http://piuparts.debian.org/.
 This package provides the piuparts slave components, which need a piuparts
 master to operate. See the documentation in the piuparts-master package.
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piuparts (0.45) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Holger Levsen ]
  * Merge piatti.git into piuparts.git, so that piatti.git has become obsolete
    now. Update documentation accordingly.
  * Further split packaging into piuparts-master, piuparts-slave and
    piuparts-common binary packages (Closes: #585861) and cleanup
  * Update piuparts.NEWS about master+slave packages.
  * Switch to debhelper8 packaging.
  * debian/copyright: use versioned URI of the machine-readable copyright file,
    thanks lintian.
  * Move /etc/sudoers.d/piuparts to piuparts-slave package.
  * piuparts-master: depend on tango-icon-theme and drop sunny.png and
    weather-severe-alert.png and use links instead.
  * Reviewed and merged/cherry-picked all of the following changes.
  [ David Steele ]
  * Remove debian/postinst as it was only dealing with lenny time area
    configuration files.
  * Added server configuration files for apache, sudo, and cron.
  * Use dh_install, in preparation for multiple package build.
  * Added packaging to create the piuparts-server package out of the old
    piatti directory tree (Closes: #652934).
    - Create and configure piupartss and piupartsm users.
    - Coordinate ssh keys between master and slave users.
    - Create working directory tree for each under /var/lib/piuparts
  * packagesdb.py:
    - Calculate recursive reverse dependency count, and store in PackagesDB.
    - Calculate the count of packages being blocked by a failed package.
  * piuparts-report.py:
    - Release Section object when section processing is complete.
      (Closes: #673919)
    - Display reverse dependency counts and block counts to failure summaries.
    - Sort the failed-testing and cannot-be-tested summaries by block count.
      (Closes: #674498)
    - Replace O(n^2) search in remove_old_logs() with a hash
      piuparts-report run time improved 20% on mature environment.
    - Another search fix in create_package_summaries (find_links_to_logs)
      yielding a 10x speedup for piuparts-report runs.
      (Closes: #674672)
    - Cleanup/wrap some long source lines.
    - Cleanup/wrap some long html lines.
    - Allow the html root to be changed from /
      (piuparts.conf: e.g. [global] doc-root = /piuparts/).
  [ Andreas Beckmann ]
  * piuparts.py:
    - Implement --install-remove-install option to test installation in
      config-files-remaining state.  (Closes: #359154)
    - Report leftover symlinks with target.
    - Report leftover directories with a trailing slash.
    - Allow ignore entries to specifically match directories.
    - Ignore patterns need to match the full filename, not a substring.
    - Cleanup and regroup ignore lists.
      + Remove many obsolete entries not needed for squeeze or later.
      + Group ignore entries into piuparts state, system state, package
        management, logfiles, home directories, application data, and HACKS.
    - Add to ignored_files/ignored_patterns:
      + Default system logfiles as created by syslogd in /var/log/
      + Common empty directories in /etc not removed due to dpkg bug #316521
      + cdebconf status files
      + /boot/grub/
      + /etc/X11/default-display-manager
      + /etc/aliases.db
      + /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/.*.gpg~
      + /etc/network/interfaces
      + /etc/news/whoami
      + /usr/share/keyrings/debian-archive-removed-keys.gpg~
      + /var/crash/
      + /var/lib/citadel/(data/.*)?
      + /var/lib/gozerbot/
      + /var/lib/nagios/                        (Closes: #668756)
      + /var/lib/openvswitch/(pki/.*)?
      + /var/spool/powerdns/                    (Closes: #531134, #531135)
    - Implement a timeout for commands being run in the chroot.
    - Set time limit to 30 minutes per command. (Closes: #654423)
    - Terminate all processes running inside the chroot before removing the
      chroot; also in case piuparts aborts due to an error.
    - Continue killing running processes as long as new processes get spawned
      in the chroot.
    - Perform chroot cleanup after receiving Ctrl-C/SIGINT, too.
    - Let Chroot register/de-register the cleanup panic handler.
    - Remove temp_tgz on error exit.
    - Remove metapackage build directory on error exit.  (Closes: #663702)
    - Don't remove eatmydata when minimizing a chroot.  (Closes: #658962)
    - Add support for version-qualified package arguments (--apt foo=1.2-3).
    - Switch fallback mirror to http://cdn.debian.net/debian.
  * piuparts.conf:
    - Defaults for all [section] settings can be set in the [global] section.
    - Change master-command to not include the section name so that it can be
      set in the [global] section.
      The section name will be given as an argument to this command.
    - Make doc-root default to "/".
    - New per section key: area (set to one of main, contrib, non-free).
    - New defaults: mirror=http://cdn.debian.net/debian, area=main.
    - Compute URLs from mirror, distro, area, arch.
    - Removed deprecated keys: known_circular_depends, packages-url,
  * master/db/report: Add a new category /affected/ for failed logs where the
    bug is in a dependency, but only exposed by the package being tested.
    - In the BTS these are reported as          (Closes: #657740)
        Package: buggy-package
        Version: buggy-version
        Affects: package-under-test
        Found: package-under-test/tested-version
    - Reschedule /affected/ logs like /fail/ logs.
  * piupartslib/conf.py:
    - Add support for getting default values from a special section.
    - Add methods to get mirror, distro, area, arch from config file or
    - Add methods to compute URLs to Packages and Sources files.
  * piupartslib/packagesdb.py:
    - Do not consider a package as "untestable" if untestable/ contains a
      logfile from an obsolete version of that package.
    - Simplify handling of package and dependency states.
    - Do not inherit 'dependency-does-not-exist' state (which may be fixed
      in the package) but propagate it to 'dependency-cannot-be-tested'.
    - Remove 'no-dependency-from-alternatives-exists' state and use
      'dependency-does-not-exist' instead.
    - Remove 'unknown-preferred-alternative' state as it interferes with
      circular dependencies involving alternatives and virtual packages.
    - Fix state resolution of package dependencies containing alternatives,
      virtual packages and circular dependencies.
    - Remove 'circular-dependency' state.
    - Stop using static known_circular_depends.
    - Compute dependency cycles and test packages on such cycles if all
      non-circular dependencies are satisfied.
    - Consider any combination of two error states for the blocking count.
    - Always run create_subdirs() during initialization.
  * piuparts-master.py:
    - Remove known_circular_depends handling.
    - Reduce logfile verboseness: do not include received logs.
    - Always chdir to master_directory, do not rely on being run from there.
    - Record timestamps of submitted logs in submissions.txt.
  * piuparts-slave.py:
    - Randomize waiting time (between 60 and 180 seconds) if master is busy.
    - Sleep until the next section can be tried, but at least 1 minute.
    - Simplify and merge Section.setup() into Section.__init__().
    - Generate master command: use global setting and append section.
    - Test the 'dpkg' package for creating/updating a base_tgz.
    - Don't update the tarball for disabled sections.
    - Rewrite starting piuparts.
    - Rewrite stopping piuparts for more reliable cleanup.
    - Introduce Ctrl-C/SIGINT handling:
      press Ctrl-C once to exit after the current piuparts test has finished,
      press Ctrl-C again to cleanly terminate the currently running test,
      press Ctrl-C again to abort any ongoing cleanup.
    - Pass a version qualified package name (foo=1.2-3) to piuparts to ensure
      the correct package version gets tested.
    - Increase verboseness for untestable packages.
    - Remove idle.stamp functionality.
  * piuparts-report.py:
    - Remove known_circular_depends handling.
    - Exclude obsolete states from generated report.
    - Establish packagesdb working directory in Section.
    - Handle logs in /affected/ directories.
    - detect_well_known_errors: Add bug links if bugs are known.
    - New known problem: "packages have been kept back".
    - Report rdeps and blocking counts in all error state reports.
    - Fix another race with logfiles disappearing while copying.
  * piuparts-analyze.py:
    - Don't report further bugs/versions if we found a match.
    - Classify logs with bugs filed into /bugged/ or /affected/.
    - Write .bug files with links to the BTS.
  * detect_archive_issues: Only consider logs older than one day for marking
    as "untestable" to allow piuparts-analyze to handle the log first.
  * Replace all references to lenny and squeeze with squeeze and wheezy.
  * Add/update several bug reporting templates.
  * Add custom scripts to aid debugging common problems in maintainer scripts.
  * Add custom script for squeeze to ensure adduser, ucf, and install-info
    are not purged.
  * Add custom scripts to enable/perform additional cleanup procedures to
    reduce the "FAIL: Package purging left files on system" errors if
    --warn-on-leftovers-after-purge is not used.
    (Closes: #668752)
  * Ship custom scripts in the piuparts package.
  * Comment sudoers and crontabs shipped in the master/slave packages,
    requiring explicit editing after installation to activate them.
  * Bump debhelper and dpkg dependencies for using dpkg-maintscript-helper.
  * Remove obsolete /etc/piuparts/piuparts.conf from old piuparts package.
  * Ship /etc/piuparts/piuparts.conf in the piuparts-slave package.
  * Create missing home directories if the piupartsm/piupartss users remain
    from a previously purged installation.
  [ Leo Iannacone ]
  * piuparts.py: add --existing-chroot option, specify a directory as source
    for the chroot, instead of building a new one with debootstrap or
    decompressing an archived one.  (Closes: #658044)
  [ Mika Pflüger ]
  * piuparts.py: Remove obsolete functions shellquote, apt_get_knows, and
  [ Mehdi Abaakouk ]
  * piuparts.py: Add support for schroot. (Closes: #530733)

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