[Piuparts-devel] pull: feature/submit-after-processing

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Thu Jun 28 07:10:59 UTC 2012

Andreas Beckmann (13):
      logdb: don't use assert on functions with side effects
      p-s: move precedence evaluation into run()
      p-s: use with to scope the lock file
      p-s: use finally to chdir back
      p-s: split _run() into _talk_to_master() and _process()
      p-s: move checks back from _process() to run()
      p-s: gracefully handle Slave.close() if not connected
      p-s: control flow cleanup in _talk_to_master()
      p-s: handle master communication exceptions
      p-s: add _count_submittable_logs() method
      p-s: always try to submit finished logfiles
      p-s: talk to master only if we submit or reserve logs
      p-s: submit logs after a section was processed

There are two more patches in preview/submit-after-processing where I'm
not sure whether we want them:

Andreas Beckmann (2):
      p-s: submit logs after (single) Ctrl-C
      p-s: try to unreserve all reserved logs after interrupt


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