[Piuparts-devel] preparing feature/slave-run-join

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Sun Feb 24 15:43:11 UTC 2013

Hi Andreas,

in short: I believe you have found a lot of legacy code which doesnt make 
sense anymore.

On Samstag, 23. Februar 2013, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> so far we have here (on top of for-holger):
> Andreas Beckmann (3):
>       slave_run: do not run the screen as root
>       use screen -ls to check for running screens
>       slave_join: use 'script /dev/null' to get a writable tty
> These three should already provide a better working solution.

do you consider them ready for develop + piatti now?
> But now I'm stumbling on this piece of code (maybe I asked this
> before, but maybe I only wanted to do so)
> trap "cat $SCREENLOG | mail -s 'slave abnormaly ended' piupartsm ; rm
> $SCREENLOG; exit" TERM EXIT screen -L -d -m -S $SESSIONNAME
> @sharedir@/piuparts/piuparts-slave trap - TERM EXIT
> * what's that trap good for? we run screen as a daemon, so it
> should fork away before it starts to run the payload (piuparts-slave)
> * That trap is nothing that gets inherited by the screen or whatever ...
> * if we just want to know whether it's running, we could sleep and
>   screen -ls again

I believe this code is from before the time since we run screen as a damon.
> and that comment as well:
> # run piuparts-slave in screen so that a screendump can be mailed via cron
> to monitor the slave
> * who/what is sending screenlogs by mail?

cron was. I have not seen them since a long time...

> and this, too:
> rm -f $SCREENLOG    # used by ~piupartsm/bin/detect_slave_problems
> What's this deletion good for? (Except of course for preventing
> the logfile from growing infinitely.)

probably that.

> If it's deleted and not getting recreated, we can deduce that
> the slave is not running. But then we should write something
> like this in the comment.
> And why do we this in detect_slave_problems:
> ... | mail -s "problem with piuparts-slave detected" piupartss
> It's a cronjob, and instead of having cron mail us the output
> if there is need for output we send it ourselves to us.
> (only difference would be the Subject:)

probably I wanted to control the subject...

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