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Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 13:37:23 +0100
Source: piuparts
Binary: piuparts piuparts-master piuparts-slave piuparts-common
Architecture: source all
Version: 0.57
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: piuparts developers team <piuparts-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Holger Levsen <holger at debian.org>
 piuparts   - .deb package installation, upgrading, and removal testing tool
 piuparts-common - common piuparts components
 piuparts-master - piuparts master components
 piuparts-slave - piuparts slave components
Closes: 718544 733900 735907 736743
 piuparts (0.57) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Ivo De Decker ]
   * piuparts-report.py: Use source version from final_distro.
     (Closes: #733900)
   [ Matthias Schmitz ]
   * Rearrange old unittests.py, use nosetests instead:
     - Move unittests.py to tests/ subdirectory,
     - Split out dependencyparser test to an extra file,
     - Add configuration for nosetests,
     - Use nosetests in Makefile target "check".
   * piuparts.py:
     - Add unittest for DefaultsFactory / Defaults.
     - Use pymox to mock the piuparts.guess_flavor() function as it would run
       lsb_release in a subprocess.
     - Move broken_symlink unittest out of piuparts.py into
       tests/test_piuparts.py so nosetests can run this test and detect
   * Add tests/README documenting the naming of the test classes and functions.
   * Re-enable unittests during package build
     - Don't create coverage report during pkg build.
     - Add to Build-Depends: python-debian, python-apt, python-nose,
       python-debianbts, python-yaml, and python-mox3.
   [ Andreas Beckmann ]
   * piuparts.py:
     - Add to ignored_files:
       + /etc/group.org
       + /etc/passwd.org
       + /etc/shadow.org
     - Create piuparts-depends-dummy.deb with gzip compression for
       installability with older dpkg versions.
     - Exclude virtual packages provided by the real package (but not the dummy
       package) from the Conflicts of piuparts-depends-dummy.deb.
     - Check the status of the packages after installing the supplied .debs.
       Based on an initial patch by Julien Cristau.  (Closes: #718544, #736743)
   * piupartslib/packagesdb.py:
     - load_alternate_versions_from_packages_urls(): New method to load
       alternate version numbers from a different set of URLs (e.g.
     - get_best_package_state(): New method that considers successfully tested
       providers of a virtual package if the real package of the same name
       failed. Used for dependency resolution.
     - No longer special-case packages as essential-required and test them like
       normal packages (no-op test plus adequate run).  (Closes: #735907)
     - Improve ordering of packages to be tested/recycled.
   * piupartslib/dwke.py:
     - Factored out classes Problem and FailureManager and some helpers from
   * piuparts-master-backend.py:
     - Improve master.log verbosity.
   * piuparts-report.py:
     - Mark essential-required as obsolete and hide it.
     - Integrate the reporting part from detect_well_known_errors.py.
     - Archive outdated logs even if the current version is untested.
   * master-bin/detect_well_known_errors.py:
     - Only update .kpr files, the reporting part was integrated into
   * scripts/post_{setup,distupgrade}_force-unsafe-io: New custom script to
     automatically enable dpkg --force-unsafe-io once that is supported.
     Also divert /bin/sync and replace it with a link to /bin/true. Syncing a
     throwaway chroot is useless, but affects on the host's performance.
   * scripts/pre_install_extras: New custom script to install a linux-headers
     package before testing a *-dkms package, s.t. dkms tries to build a
     kernel module.
   * known_problems/module_build_error_issue.conf: New known problem for dkms
     module build failures.
   * known_problems/piuparts-depends-dummy_{error,issue}.conf: New known
     problem for failing to install and fixup piuparts-depends-dummy.deb.
   * Add more piuparts exceptions.
   * Handle lib32nss-mdns like ia32-libs[-gtk].
   [ Holger Levsen ]
   * piuparts.py:
     - Report adequate version used.
 1efcb2159320ab5a84d71889db98f0fd07a1f22e 1913 piuparts_0.57.dsc
 7e6419015197c5b8960b5cc3bbf252615d439b13 210710 piuparts_0.57.tar.gz
 d80c68499db152ddf0a27357d8d8dc5173c470d4 89464 piuparts_0.57_all.deb
 f543bb893818706a270ce520ecf0af9fa303d012 109302 piuparts-master_0.57_all.deb
 62787b290c91d200766c6f6caaaa60fd622918fa 47118 piuparts-slave_0.57_all.deb
 b0a0900060bd1fbd7c8051f34f9e2f65447e2347 47688 piuparts-common_0.57_all.deb
 3fdcf89859c7d1d9db8e967cd389ef22de08a560712b8f5e79c346e7c72707c3 1913 piuparts_0.57.dsc
 094fa2445ca695421ed82ac35f2f76dcfb6be0c75711a995cc04fe45e369575e 210710 piuparts_0.57.tar.gz
 476822f7b8abf84127ba68808d4a10f8c92f8e54e5d7cd45b3f0448970c37ed7 89464 piuparts_0.57_all.deb
 153794914147767247c9cb24ee26c83e42ace773f5fde8c1665c87a3bb334d0b 109302 piuparts-master_0.57_all.deb
 32ae324396978637a180116781d638cec15fea7d81fccd93dac78a9a9466d313 47118 piuparts-slave_0.57_all.deb
 8b8459bbd7dda42daa9d565da8c67461053aa99061487c587c9c7794329f50f0 47688 piuparts-common_0.57_all.deb
 461227f07c25b3d7f08ef157a0384986 1913 devel extra piuparts_0.57.dsc
 c7baa55b9cd13d10efa29c1d77fa119a 210710 devel extra piuparts_0.57.tar.gz
 b787a642b53138dcec898eba3257599b 89464 devel extra piuparts_0.57_all.deb
 32eac091509499d1d3a104e5f52a2724 109302 devel extra piuparts-master_0.57_all.deb
 35cd1b551f227ad6c97e8f388add1a77 47118 devel extra piuparts-slave_0.57_all.deb
 68dc27122c1b770734dd56c579c892ac 47688 devel extra piuparts-common_0.57_all.deb

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