[Piuparts-devel] Bug#735923: Bug#735923: piuparts: maybe --pbuilder should also set --tmpdir?

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Tue Jan 21 04:04:55 UTC 2014


On Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> Would it be useful to have --pbuilder imply --minimize?

IMHO yes.
> And while we are at it, someone should comment on
> http://bugs.debian.org/730172 RM: debfoster -- Deprecated by aptitude

yes, piuparts still uses debfoster for its --minimize option, so please dont 
remove it. 
> The last time I used --minimize (actually fixed it ...) debfoster seemed
> to do its job despite of being no longer developed ...

well, like lots of other software, it's not activly developed anymore, but it 
is maintained. Ironically even one of the debfoster maintainers objected to 
the removal request, but didnt close it.

I think #730172 should be closed.

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