[Piuparts-devel] rescheduling needed

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Sun Nov 9 12:45:32 UTC 2014

Hi Andreas,

On Sonntag, 9. November 2014, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> > rescheduled, not many:
> > squeeze/bugged/ninja_0.1.3-2.log
> > squeeze/bugged/python3.1_3.1.3-1.log
> but quite some rdepends

i've rescheduled */fail and */bugged completly a few days ago...
> I think squeeze pass logs need no longer be recycled


> >> the systemd exceptions need to be applied for 'wheezy*', not only for
> >> 'wheezy'. this needs to cover wheezy-proposed and friends, too
> >> (PIUPARTS_DISTRIBUTION is not something like wheezy2jessie)
> > 
> > do you (only) mean in line 52 in
> > custom-scripts/scripts/post_purge_exceptions ?
> and pre_remove_exceptions in the same context

done, thanks!

> >> (and the package lists could be wrapped ...)
> > you mean debian/control or which?
> for the systemd exceptions, but as I wrote in my other mail there may be
> a better solution than building the huge list manually, I just haven't
> looked into details what needs to be done for this exception - but some
> logfiles look like more packages need adding

ah, ok, then I will leave it as it is.

> >> squeeze2squeeze-lts should be listed above squeeze
> > where?
> in the navigation bar, i.e. in piuparts.conf they should be swapped


> > I very much appreciated your recent bug wave(s) (totally awesome!) and
> > also this mail but I would have even more enjoyed to get those three
> > small changes as patches. These changes are so tiny, that's not writing
> > code ;-) Anyhow, glad you send the mail!
> no test instance running, yet

that's fine, as long as you push them to some branch. It's way easier to 
understand and merge a patch then to parse instructions like "the systemd 
exceptions need to be applied for 'wheezy*', not only for 'wheezy'" even 
though it seems obvious to you.

> > And, btw, don't you happen to have some unfinished multiple-arch support
> > patches laying around somewhere? I strongly remember you said so once...
> > or is my memory faulty here?
> > And even if they were not ready for publication, I'd be glad if I could
> > at least have a (private) look at them.. i really want to get multi-arch
> > going soon..! :-)
> there is the harddisk from my old test machine sitting in my desk for
> half a year now ... haven't done anything with it since the machine died
> not sure how far I actually got with the multiarch stuff
> is there slave and master power available to add more instances?

yes, we have a second slave, an i386 machine with 3 cores and 12gb ram, so the 
same configuration as our amd64 slave. configuration is in git already. 

i've also setup an amd64 master and an i386+amd64 slave at home, so I have a 
test instance to develop... just havent had time to actually start with that 

and once we have the multiarch support working it seems very likely we'll 
basically immediatly get powerpc+ppc64el slaves as well, and hopefully arm 
too. *that* then will give interesting challenges for the piuparts-report...

> interesting would be
> sid --warn-on-leftovers (actually I'd prefer to have this in regular
>          sid and a separate sid-pedantic or something for leftovers)
> wheezy2jessie --install-recommends
> jessie nodocs (pass could be seeded from sid nodocs)

I really appreciate patches or a simple bug report for this... I'm at the 
minidebconf right now and without tracking this will very probably be lost. Or 
remind me again and again ;)

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