[Piuparts-devel] part 3 - pre_remove/post_purge exceptions w.r.t systemd

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Wed Nov 19 14:58:44 UTC 2014

Andreas Beckmann (2):
      scripts: rework systemd-sysv and upstart exceptions
      revert the systemd-shim/sysvinit-core exceptions

I'm not exactly sure about the second one ... but I couldn't find a case
so far that triggered this, so maybe it's no longer needed
(maybe update your jessie/sid chroot tarballs if they are too old?)



(everything matched by


in *jessie *sid *experimental)

fail/affected/bugged logs containing
    /etc/modules-load.d/modules.conf -> ../modules
(false positive in the broken symlinks section)

check that there are no obsolete files left in
(if there are: delete && detect_well_known_errors --recheck)


PS: the piuparts-reports mailing list description is outdated ... still
mentions piatti

PPS: generate_daily_report seems to take < 2.5 hours - what about
increasing the frequency to 4 times a day?

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