[Piuparts-devel] Bug#770732: piuparts and jessie, pre-upload unblock request questions

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Sun Nov 23 17:44:00 UTC 2014

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Dear release team,

until a very few days ago, it didnt occur to me at all, that piuparts 0.60 
ain't suitable for the release, but now Andreas Beckmann pointed out, that:

- testing = jessie, that will be wrong soon
- we have several custom-scripts dealing with init-systems... (the custom 
scripts are not used by piuparts by defaults but can be used easily and are in 
use on piuparts.d.o)
- there are a few new patterns of ignored files to avoid false positives.

Currently 0.60 is in sid+jessie, and piuparts.d.o runs the develop branch of 
piuparts.git (with the above changes and a few more as explained below).

I'm happy to create a new jessie-branch and cherry-pick whatever you deem 
suitable for 0.61 in sid and then jessie (and keep running the develop branch 
on piuparts.d.o).

To keep maintaining these two branches more, I'd like to discuss which changes 
are acceptable to keep the diff at a minimum or maybe not have one... 
currently we have:

Comments inline the changelog, in the lines starting with #

  [ Holger Levsen ]
  * piuparts.py: Add "/var/cache/apt/archives/partial/" to ignored files.
    (Closes: #767489)
# one-liner to ignored patterns, it's important to not have false positives...

  * piuparts.py and piuparts-report: Detect four more (in)adequate issues:
    - broken-binfmt-detector
    - broken-binfmt-interpreter
    - missing-alternative
    - program-name-collision
    (Closes: #767499)
# probably just a normal bug... but trivial changes at least ;)
  * distros.conf: Remove unneeded URI for squeeze-lts, it just uses the
    default repository.
# trivial config change removing one line only relevant for those who test 
# squeeze-lts...
  * instances/pejacevic+slaves: Do not reschedule passed squeeze logs anymore.
# trivial config change only relevant for hosts called pejacevic+piu-

  [ Andreas Beckmann ]
  * piuparts.py:
    - Add to ignored_files:
      + /etc/modules-load.d/modules.conf  (dangling symlink to ../modules)
# one-liner to ignored patterns, it's important to not have false positives...
    - Create /etc/resolv.conf in the chroot using only the nameserver entries
      found on the host.
# arguely a normal bug and unfilled :/ The patch is trivial and still looked 
good on a 3rd look ;)
  * lib/dwke.py: Fix parsing known_problems/*.conf using EXCLUDE_PATTERN.
# an (unfiled) important bug in piuparts-report leading to wrongly detected 
  * Add "AddDefaultCharset utf-8" to the apache2 configuration snipplet
    example, so that logfiles are displayed as UTF-8.
# just an example configuration change
  * pre_install_foreign_architecture: New script to enable foreign
    architectures for testing cross toolchain packages.
  * pre_remove_40_find_unowned_lib_links, unowned_lib_symlink_*.conf: New
    script and reports for unowned symlinks in [/usr]/lib[/<triplet>].
# these custom scripts are not used by piuparts by defaults but can be used
# easily and are in use on piuparts.d.o)
  * Rework the file-rc/sysvinit/upstart/systemd specific exceptions.
# custom-scripts dealing with initsystems...

  [ Michael Prokop ]
  * Support new scripts directive 'post_chroot_unpack', useful for adding
    apt-keys for custom apt repositories. (Closes: #767485)
  * Add custom-scripts/scripts-unused-examples/post_chroot_unpack_key_setup.sh
# this is really a wishlist bug and my only argument for including it is that 
# a.) the change to piuparts.py is rather trivial and b.) the feature is
# really very nice to have... and c.) maintaining deltas is annoying. 

So... to summarize, I think these are all important bugfixes or documentation 
changes (counting the custom-scripts as documentation) except for:

- the new scripts directive 'post_chroot_unpack' from Michael Prokop
- creating resolv.conf for the minimal chroot
- #767499 (detect more adequate tags)

These are definitly normal/wishlist fixes but the changes are trivial and I 
would like to include them as pre-approved-changes ;-)

Does that sound sound? (=to upload all these changes to sid, targeted at 

I'll happily follow your advice (whatever it will be) and maintain two 
branches as/if needed... obviously I'd rather not have to and I'm also really 
sorry I just fully realized yesterday, but life is as it is! :-)

Oh and "btw", regarding the freeze policy and getting stuff in until the 5th 
of December and January: do you mean in jessie or in sid by these dates? (And 
if you mean in jessie again (like for the 5th of November/26th of October 
deadline...), I think a loud clarification now would be nice and quite 
appreciated by some.)

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