[Piuparts-devel] ejabberd fails testing at install time

Jakub Wilk jwilk at debian.org
Thu Oct 2 10:18:11 UTC 2014

Hi Philipp,

* Philipp Huebner <debalance at debian.org>, 2014-10-02, 11:16:
>I noticed that ejabberd fails piuparts testing because it can't be 
>installed. The relevant line from the log is:
>sed: can't read /usr/share/doc/ejabberd/examples/ejabberd.yml.example:
>No such file or directory
>Now, that file is definitely part of the package, and installation 
>works like a charm on a normal system, so I assume it has something to 
>do with the chroot setup at piuparts testing.

I don't know much about piuparts works, but note that “packages must not 
require the existence of any files in /usr/share/doc/ in order to 
function.” (Policy §12.3)

>Please keep me CCed on replies, I'm not subscribed to the list.


Jakub Wilk

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