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Bernhard Janetzki bernhard at janetzki.eu
Sat Apr 18 20:05:35 UTC 2015

Hello Holger and list,

> yes, I'd happily take such patches. (In general, whether I will really like
> them we will see ;-) But I do consider pep8 to be very sensible so I assume to
> like them :)
> Just please keep them reviewable, that is, split them into as many seperate
> ones as you deem feasable!
> Also please base your work on the develop branch and not on the master branch!

I started to port to python 3: https://github.com/ierror/piuparts/commits/develop

# I successfully tested the following with python 2 and 3:
* tested a deb file with piuparts.py
* passed the tests. As far as i can see unittests.py is no longer needed? Can we remove it?

# Env changes
I created a tox.in file and adapted the “make check” command.

# O_CLOEXEC - “stuck"
There are some open calls with “e” mode in piuparts-slave.py. ATM i stuck on this because python 3 disallows the “e” usage. You can find some information about it here: https://bugs.python.org/issue12103. Input is very appreciated. :-)

# Whats missing? (as far as i know)
* piuparts-slave.py (O_CLOEXEC…)
* piuparts-master-backend.py (O_CLOEXEC…)
* testing testing testing… ;)

Thanks for review, and have a nice day,
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