[Piuparts-devel] Bug#794575: Bug#794575: support testing foreign arch installation

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Tue Aug 4 17:47:10 UTC 2015

control: tags -1 patch
control: block -1 by 687900

Hi Helmut,

piuparts is a policy checker. Multi-arch still ain't defined in policy. And 
quite frankly I'm annoyed by all the multi-arch proponents and users who don't 
care about documenting this properly, yet demand other people also work on 

So I don't think I'll be happy to support this until #687900 is fixed.

And then I don't like your implementation, thus removing the tag patch, as I 
don't consider this patch ready for the reasons stated on irc. (Also you said 
you're not sure what it breaks...)

< helmut> | h01ger: I have a patch now that makes that piuparts and "piuparts 
--arch amd64 -a libc6:i386" work. not sure what it breaks. I'll submit it to 
the bts anyway.
< h01ger> | at least "piuparts --arch amd64 -a libc6:i386" makes more sense 
than "piuparts --arch=amd64 libc6_2.19-4_i386.deb"
< helmut> both work
< h01ger> | how should piuparts in the latter case know that you intend to use 
a multi-arch setup (as opposed to assuming you want to install the wrong debs 
for that arch)
< helmut> | h01ger: in both cases it simply assumes that you really want to 
install the packages mentioned.
< h01ger> | thats your assumption but i dont think its a good one
< h01ger> | the latter should really just produce failure
< h01ger> | and the former probably should also not work, unless you also 
provide an "--extra-multi-arch i386" switch too

I miss this --extra-multi-arch switch in the patch.

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