[Piuparts-devel] ITM: Britney2 britney-patch-bundle-201611-2 into master

Niels Thykier niels at thykier.net
Sat Nov 26 20:44:00 UTC 2016


I am back again with another branch [britney-patch-bundle-201611-2] for
Britney, which I intend to merge into master.  I intend to merge it into
master no later than Sunday, the 4th of December.

The majority of the changes are refactoring and addition of a small test
  This merge will also add support for parsing piuparts results
(summary.json) and prevent piuparts regression.  This is similar to the
RC bug policy, except that the change will stall a migration until
piuparts have tested the package ("cannot-be-tested" states will not
block migration though). It is possible to override a piuparts test
result via a new "ignore-piuparts" hints.
  The piuparts test require an update to the Britney wrapper script in
britney1 for fetching the piuparts results (see attached file).  I will
apply that as well and update the cron job to fetch the results.

The shortlog:

Niels Thykier (24):
      Move data classes into britney2/__init__.py
      Add simple RC bugs unit test
      Add another policy test for ignore-rc-bugs
      rc-bugs policy: Ignored bugs are not unique to testing
      utils: Remove condition that is always true
      AgePolicy: Fix bug in creating the age file
      solver.py: Add missing "no cover" pragma
      Rename a variable for clarity reasons
      Use asserts to guard single binary removal items
      "selected" is never None in iter_packages
      Drop now unused "from __future__" imports
      Fix bug where compute_groups returned tuple instead of pkg_id
      Refactor doop_source to simplify logic
      Move read_sources_file to utils
      Move get_dependency_solvers to utils
      Move build_installability_tester to builder.py
      completer: Replace src[X] with src.X
      Replace a use of src[X] with src.x
      Minor optimisation of force handling
      Fix --print-nuninst + --nuninst-cache
      Move invalidate_exuses to utils
      utils: Replace explicit loop index handling with enumerate
      Extract a compile_nuninst and move it to utils
      Add PiupartsPolicy to avoid piuparts regressions

Robert Bruce Park (1):
      Invalidate excuse after each policy run



Head at: 40ccb4bdc64f9949d6592dced940b1a604879019

Tests all pass: https://travis-ci.org/Debian/britney2/builds/179089994

Test coverage at: 87% (as defined by python3-coverage)

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