[Piuparts-devel] fourth batch for 0.79

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Sat Aug 5 03:16:49 UTC 2017

693e9db78 distros.conf: add wheezy-lts
a6b27f12e p.conf.anbe: rename wheezy-proposed to wheezy-lts
70655ff53 p.conf.anbe: [stretch3buster-rcmd]
bc140193a network issue: appstream metadata errors
8c379a2a7 the script templates do not need to be executable
ab7aec4e0 skip jessie->stretch distupgrade of arden:i386
47bae791a p: is_installable_* may skip&fail a test
f17da28f2 squeeze: skip&fail install of mini-buildd-{bld,rep}
ac9827244 p.conf: separate flags-*-lenny from flags-*-squeeze

to be continued ...

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