[Piuparts-devel] fifth batch for 0.79

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Sun Aug 6 03:04:39 UTC 2017

e9325a1bc jessie->stretch: skip xul-ext-compactheader=2.0.8-1
54f75dd78 wheezy->jessie: skip xul-ext-compactheader=2.0.5-1
604dcce5a Makefile: split build and install targets between master and slave
18462ed58 fixup package dependencies and lintian issues
69c5e5bf5 install debiman-piuparts-distill into $(libdir)/piuparts/

This is my attempt to fix debiman-piuparts-distill,
it has only seen marginal testing :-)
(I haven't tried to run the cronjob at all)
I don't think that helper has to live in the PATH,
like all the other helpers are also not in PATH.

(github.com:anbe42/piuparts.git branch for-holger)


PS: could we rename the debiman-piuparts-distill directory to
something that does not clash with deb<TAB> completion of "debian/" ?
PPS: no, this was not a joke, I frequently <TAB>-fail now

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