[Piuparts-devel] a big batch for 0.79

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Mon Aug 14 06:29:13 UTC 2017

5bd3c1d9f distill_alternatives_log: use codenames for the output
6bc39ac96 move debiman-piuparts-distill to a helpers subdirectory
55cef0c55 p: run debootstrap with --no-merged-usr
86fba2e84 exception for auxtex background task
ada5a307a p: ignore --end-meta on mismatching fake-essential packages
da90b06a9 depend on mount, no longer essential
d580cc186 improve database distupgrade handling
5394a554b reword and shuffle some changelog entries
3a5208183 add more missing dependencies for packages in lenny
568a1921d exception for faulty dhcp3-server config migration
c2ed826cf distros.conf: add wheezy-lts as a full distro
2f5e4b6b7 p.conf: rename wheezy-proposed to wheezy-lts
29323c3a9 news entry for wheezy-lts tests
a8cbca4ce Revert "master-bin/report_untestable_packages.in: only act on
sections with precedence < 100."

I don't know exactly what you intended with the commit I (partially)
reverted, but it breaks the "state machine" of the logs by making
"untestable" a sink


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