[Piuparts-devel] welcome buster!

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Sat Jul 1 15:03:32 UTC 2017

On 2017-06-27 13:29, Holger Levsen wrote:
> ok. could you please be so kind and then prepare a branch for 0.78 and another for
> 0.79? then i'll merge the first one, test it a few hours on piu.d.o, upload to sid
> and merge+deploy the rest to piu.do…

Sorry, didn't find much time this week ...

the commits marked with a ? are "optional" for 0.78, but I'd prefer to
have them in :-)

3ca34336b p: mount $(tty) onto /dev/console in the chroot
2e2666f1e p.conf: enable [stretch2proposed]
a9084f212 p.conf: use --warn-on-debsums-errors for stretch
7594062e3 p.conf: stretch has been released, prepare for buster
? 675dba9c3 p.conf: add [buster]
? e73840cba p.conf: add [buster-rcmd]
? fb9b7bdda p.conf: add [stretch2buster]
? 125c5273a p.conf: add [stretch2buster-rcmd]
? 798f1bd74 p.conf: add [jessie2Xstretch]
? 079974eed p.conf: shuffle sections
? f21482036 p.conf: add [stretch2bpo]
? 6564d3731 p.conf: add [stretch2bpo2buster]
12a343425 distros.conf: add [buster-debug], [buster-proposed-updates]
d10ec9f4a bug-templates: stretch->buster file overwrite
d2f1b0838 bug-templates: stretch->buster failure
bbf2ef283 known problems: detect trigger problems
? ba9fa5470 dwke: new piuparts.conf setting 'exclude-known-problems'
? a4cd1086c p.conf: set exclude-known-problems for *2X*
11d1ebfb2 p.conf.anbe: [stretch-rcmd]
58f97fd3d p.conf.anbe: [stretch-proposed]
0a60a4545 p.conf.anbe: [stretch-security]
f916aa6c7 p.conf.anbe: [stretch-updates]
73020a95b p.conf.anbe: [stretch-backports]
574671469 p.conf.anbe: [stretch2proposed]
e33e9ab24 p.conf.anbe: stretch has been released, prepare for buster
d307165a2 p.conf.anbe: [buster], [buster-pu], [buster-debug]
d692ca252 p.conf.anbe: [jessie222testing]
8f439d265 p.conf.anbe: [jessie222testing_i386]
d2ac152fb p.conf.anbe: [stretch2buster]
70d36b615 p.conf.anbe: [stretch2buster-rcmd_i386]
3019d92c8 p.conf.anbe: [stretch2bpo2buster]
bd95dd84b p.conf.anbe: [jessie3stretch-rcmd_i386]
874681395 p.conf.anbe: [jessie3stretch]
ae7c075cb p.conf.anbe: [stretch2buster-iri]
b18fb23de p.conf.anbe: [jessie3stretch-rcmd]
e5212c28f p.conf.anbe: [jessie3stretch_i386]
806098fb4 p.conf.anbe: [sid-bl_i386]


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