[Piuparts-devel] Bug#899000: piuparts: Please allow running tests in lxc and VM backends in addinion to chroots

Balint Reczey balint.reczey at canonical.com
Fri May 18 13:07:07 BST 2018

Package: piuparts
Version: 0.86
Severity: wishlist

Dear Maintainers,

Piuparts checks many package operations in a chroot, but since in the
chroot there are no running services service uprades and similar parts
of the mainitainer scripts are not tested.

We already have autopktests using lxc/VM backends thus simple
installation tests of services can be implemented easily, but for
service upgrade tests piuparts seems to be the best place where they
could be added.

The added backends would also excersice the parts of maintainer
scripts where a running init system is assumed.


Balint Reczey
Ubuntu & Debian Developer

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