[Piuparts-devel] next batch of patches

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Sun Oct 14 23:18:54 BST 2018

b40612361 p: compute file_owners earlier
437dabd6b p: report package that owns a broken symlink (where possible)
426f00969 remove libcryptsetup4, libprocps6 from *->buster reference chroot
0701b2157 p.conf.anbe: disable rescheduling for tests ending in wheezy
20c230324 p.conf.anbe: reorder and disable some wheezy tests
f7dfd322a p.conf: disable rescheduling tests that end in wheezy
2ce25e417 p.conf.anbe: enable logrotate tests from buster onwards
7263a5194 p.conf: move --skip-logrotatefiles-test to the end-* flags
cc83d6ac1 do not reinvent nproc
b986884aa p: enable starting firebird3.0 with --allow-database
d0825cbab the postgresql 11 transition has started
9366e62d2 use dpkg-divert --no-rename if available
9319c3c5c remove network issue 'WARNING: The following packages cannot...
44f64bfc8 add bug template for logrotate errors after package removal

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