[Piuparts-devel] once again a batch of patches

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Mon Sep 24 04:01:24 BST 2018

Hi Holger,

I finally took some time (and a rainy Sunday) to prepare a batch
of patches for piuparts. I hope I didn't mismerge something while
squashing everything together into readable patches.

b98754df9 file names may contain more than one backslash
a98d69272 p-r: remove old logs after html pages have been updated
9e71938c1 p-r: do not indent the first line of large generated html blocks
4efdc71e0 p-r: use the exclude-known-problems setting
1055e59fa p-r: generate missing/outdated kpr files
e3cc8cced p-r: simplify known problem report generation
c3886ae1d lib/db: add Package.source() method
228b829e7 lib/db: add Package.source_version() method
c3b64e7e7 lib/db: eliminate PackagesDB.get_source()
eca2b62f3 p-r: label tests of outdated packages as [cruft]
4786fa588 move sympa exception to pre_remove_preseed_cleanup
ade241c0b use future-proof conditions for --allow-remove-essential
0967749a9 use echo instead of yes for the file-rc exceptions in lenny
06ecf520a promote python-rpy2 to Depends
f10b7abb8 work around expired lenny and squeeze signing keys
05240b94e shuffle around some exceptions etc.
c676a9a51 p-r: do not redundantly report the section in some debug messages
89e10eb3b p.conf.anbe: add [stretch3buster]
23ca7ba86 p.conf.anbe: add [stretch3buster-rcmd_i386]
0950ff590 p.conf.anbe: add [stretch2buster-rcmd]
5b1076889 p.conf.anbe: add [stretch2buster_i386]
1a4bee849 p.conf.anbe: add [stretch3buster_i386]

there is (hopefully) more to come, so don't release it immediately


PS: do we have python-setproctitle available on pejacevic?

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