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I believe I've just found the stuff you were looking for, it's  just amazing! Take a look

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I have wondered if sodium levels were playing a part. I never realized sodium  requirements were higher on a ketogenic diet. I maintain potassium and magnesium levels  well but I will  pay  closer attention to sodium/water  balance this time.  

But yeah,  it is intense!  It  is  something I really have to plan  for going  into it. As in make  sure  day 3 is  a Sunday and I can  be at home because I  will be  puking. I can deal  easily with the  other parts.  The fatigue and stuff  are a minor  nuisance but the headache  is a total bear and very  discouraging since I know I can just  eat some carbs and make  it go away. So  then it  becomes a head  game. I will  make it  though, I  always do! Thanks for  your suggestions!

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