Bug#883156: [pico2wave] Add stdin support

Mathieu Parent (Debian) sathieu at debian.org
Thu Nov 30 08:51:00 UTC 2017

Package: libttspico-utils
Version: 1.0+git20130326-7
Severity: wishlist
Control: tag -1 + patch upstream
Control: owner -1 paolo.greppi at libpf.com

(Transforming this into a bug)

2017-11-13 16:57 GMT+01:00 Paolo Greppi <paolo.greppi at libpf.com>:
> Hi, I see you are both involved in maintaining the svox package, and Mathieu is also the author of pico2wave.


I'm not involved anymore in svox (I don't use it anymore). Samuel, you
can remove me in the next upload.

> I was looking at a way of converting to wav a larger chunk of text than what can be supplied on the command line, and was unsatisfied by this python wrapper around pico2wave:
> https://github.com/GwadaLUG/pico-read-speaker
> Looking at the source of pico2wave, I found this TODO in the code:
> //TODO: stdin not supported yet.
> So I set forth implementing this missing functionality. Here is a repo:
> https://gitlab.com/simevo/pico2wave
> I got it to read from stdin any length of text, but it crashes if more than 32767 chars are supplied. That's because it uses a pico_Int16 variable to scan the buffer, and pico_Int16 is signed short, and SHRT_MAX is 32767.
> What is left to do is to break up the text in chunks of < 32767 chars, repeatedly call pico_putTextUtf8 and append everything to the same output wav file
> At this point I sense that this could be feasible to complete, I am willing to do it, but I though of interfacing with you as upstream on the best way to move this forward so that the improved pico2wave lands in debian.

Samuel or others can decide what they do about it...


Mathieu Parent
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