how to get Orca speaking at login, and also retriev use of TTY1

Sebastian Humenda shumenda at
Tue Dec 19 13:37:45 UTC 2017


Al Sten-Clanton schrieb am 18.12.2017, 18:05 -0500:
>First, when I used jessie, Orca spoke at login time.  Now, it doesn't. I
>guess when to do it, and then I get a message from Orca like "screen reader
>on, 17 pushbutton."  (I guess this last thing is supposed to be a "feature,"
I don't quite understand this. Does it literally say "17 push button"? I'm not
using graphical login anymore, but have you tried to re-enable GDM accessibility
like described in the Wiki:

>Second, after I've hit ENTER on this "pushbutton," I can do my usual press of
>the Windows key and run firefox or whatever. 
Don't you need to log in first?

>However, if I go to another
>terminal to use speakup, for example, tty1 no longer works--or, at least, I
>have to log in there again.  Typically, tty2 or sometimes another one becomes
>my graphical terminal.  I end up minus a terminal.  Does anyone know if this
>is fixable?
If you use GDM, it will always use tty7 on Debian systems. I'd be surprised
if it were different for you. When you change to a "real" tty using
ctl+alt+f<number>, it is normal that you need to log in again, because this will
be a separate user session. It might be that I misunderstood your question :-).

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