new flite and removed symbols

Paul Gevers elbrus at
Sun Dec 31 14:37:40 UTC 2017


I tried to package the new version of flite, but two symbols are removed:

+#MISSING: 2.1-release-1# cst_read_2d_array at Base 2.0.0-release
+#MISSING: 2.1-release-1# cst_read_array at Base 2.0.0-release

Any idea how to proceed? Ideally upstream would have bumped SONAME, but
my guess is they missed that. I see four options, three aren't nice and
the fourth requires upstream response:

1) ignore the dropped symbols and remove them from the symbols file
after checking that none of our reverse build depends uses them
(codesearch.d.n doesn't yield anything except flite itself).

2) bump SONAME with a Debian specific version

3) add the code back that was removed upstream (the second one is still
in the code, except it is disabled with an "#if 0" pragma, the first is
around 15 lines of code)

4) have upstream create a new release with the SONAME bumped

Opinions? I propose we talk to upstream first what their opinion is, and
if response lacks go with 1. What is your experience with talking to
festvox/festlex upstream? Are they responsive? I guess not too much as
they didn't even fix CVE-2014-0027, but maybe they weren't even notified.


By the way: none of our patches are incorporated upstream, I guess we
never upstreamed them. Is that ENOTIME?

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