[Tts-project] new flite and removed symbols

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Wed Jan 3 18:51:11 UTC 2018


On 03-01-18 16:16, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Paul Gevers, on dim. 31 déc. 2017 15:37:40 +0100, wrote:
>> Opinions? I propose we talk to upstream first what their opinion is, and
>> if response lacks go with 1.
> Yes, that should be fine.

Filed here: https://github.com/festvox/flite/issues/2

>> I guess not too much as they didn't even fix CVE-2014-0027, but maybe
>> they weren't even notified.
> That's possible yes.


>> By the way: none of our patches are incorporated upstream, I guess we
>> never upstreamed them. Is that ENOTIME?
> Most probably, yes (except e.g. no_rpath which is often not accepted
> upstream)

I guess some of the patches are needed to replace the rpath, no?
Anyways, filed here: https://github.com/festvox/flite/pull/5

And also our texi2html to texi2any patch:

Let's see where it ends.


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