does the TTS vs a11y split still make sense?

Paul Gevers elbrus at
Wed Jan 31 20:49:14 UTC 2018

[Re-sending as I don't think the mail arrived]

Hi all,

While revisiting some voices I was wondering if it still makes sense to
have split between the TTS team and the a11y team. Wouldn't the TTS
packages receive more exposure in the realm of the a11y team (e.g. due
to the fact that the a11y team is explicitly listed on udd.d.o/dmd/)?
AFAIK, the last couple of years the uploads of TTS packages have been
done by members of both teams.

*If* the split is still desired, I *guess* it makes sense to migrate
festvox-mbrola, flite, eflite, espeak, espeak-ng, speech-tools and svox
(and maybe more) to the TTS team, but I highly doubt it is worth the effort.


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