[Tts-project] does the TTS vs a11y split still make sense?

Samuel Thibault sthibault at debian.org
Wed Feb 14 22:52:58 UTC 2018


Paul Gevers, on mar. 13 févr. 2018 10:21:49 +0100, wrote:
> E.g. UDD¹ can only show the overview for three addresses, so TTS is
> currently missing from *my* default overview (two a11y addresses and my
> own).

Well, maybe we can get that fixed? :)

(personally, I'm part of a few teams, so a limitation to three adresses
is a problem to me)

> when I am touching a package anyway, I'll consider moving them.

Please feel free to :)

> If we want to keep the two teams, I think it is good to send the right
> message about (intended) ownership.



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