Bug#837081: netbeans: Crashes due to assertion failure in GLib

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at ilande.co.uk
Mon Feb 26 07:41:21 UTC 2018

On 25/02/18 00:16, Samuel Thibault wrote:

> Mark Cave-Ayland, on sam. 24 févr. 2018 12:53:58 +0000, wrote:
>> Not that this was more than a casual observation but I was pondering the
>> possibility of a memory leak somewhere in the C code?
> I have investigated, and yes there are leaks there.  It'll be quite
> invasive to fix, so I won't be able to push that to stretch.  But I
> believe if you can confirm that at least the crashes are gone, we can
> push the fix to stretch.

Understood. I have another couple of days development ahead so I will 
keep with the stretch packages for another couple of days just to be 
sure, then I'll switch over to your latest sid packages and give those a 
good testing.

Also thanks once again for your work on fixing up the memory leaks - I 
had a peek at the git repository and I can see why you consider the 
change to be quite invasive...



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