From Rigaf

Rigaf Ujimas rigafu01 at
Mon May 7 16:12:13 BST 2018


Please, I am contacting you directly to introduce my self for the help and assistance I require from you. My name is Rigaf Ujimas, I am 17 years old and I want you to be my guardian and manage my inheritance which I inherited from my late parents till I am of the age to take care of my inheritance. 

Please do this for me fast before my step mother kills me here. I am sending you this mail as a secrete letter to treat it urgently because of what I am passing through here from my wicked step mother. My late father deposited some money in the bank about $3 million usd but my step mother does not know about the deposit and I want you to receive it for me.

Please let me know if you can do this for me so that I can give you a leading information to receive and access the inheritance for me while I join you to continue my education under your guardiance as my adopted parent. I am waiting for your urgent reply.

Sincerely yours

Rigaf Ujimas

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