Bug#876759: daisy-player: Broken autopkgtest

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Tue Aug 28 19:10:59 BST 2018

Hi Jos,

You as the creator of daisy-player do not really need to care about
autopkgtest, which is something we can add in Debian to test installed
Debian packages. In practice these autopkgtests often run test suites
that are created and maintained upstream (the creators), but often also
not. In the case of daisy-player, I tried to call "daisy-player -h" to
see if the package could at least be found and return the help page
(that is one of the reasons why I asked you to add that).

So unless you want to add a test suite to daisy-player (please do so if
you feel comfortable; and similar to ebook-speaker) you as upstream can
ignore this bug. However, before you add data to the source to actually
test, consider copyright and license of the data. For autopkgtest we
could add wget/curl commands to get things from the daisy site if you
would want to use that.


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