How to use a better TTS, such as Pico?

Susmita/Rajib bkpsusmitaa at
Fri Aug 31 14:12:56 BST 2018

Dear Sirs,

I can't thank you enough for including the svox package with Debian
GNu-Linux Wheezy which I use currently.

You have empowered us greatly by porting SVOX to Debian.

I have installed the necessary package, libttspico0, and can have
pico2wave read from CLI, for instance:
 pico2wave -w lookdave.wav "Look Dave, I can see you're really upset
about this." && aplay lookdave.wav

I can also use the following script (attached) for a very small file:
./ "$(cat hello.txt)"

But I can't alter pico2wave -'s sampling rate to 48000. It only
samples at 16000Hz.

I tried many variations, but failed, as pico2wave -'s man page doesn't
inform much.

Could you suggest any options, Sir? I would be indebted.

For my day to day work Debian Wheezy is more than sufficient. So I
don't want to upgrade to Debian Sid.

I post my queries and observations in the Debian forum with the same
username as my email. I also post in Knoppix forum as rajibando.

Rajib B
FOSS enthusiast.

On 31/08/2018, Susmita/Rajib <bkpsusmitaa at> wrote:
> Python script to read text with pico
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I am overwhelmed, but I can't read at 48000Hz. 
But anyway, I shall continue to try. I shall seek help from the Debian team. I am sure they would be able to help.
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