Bug#910649: Sticky mode for the Orca modifier key, similar to XKB StickyKeys

Colomban Wendling cwendling at hypra.fr
Tue Oct 9 10:55:14 BST 2018

Package: orca
Version: 3.30.0-1
Tags: a11y upstream
Owner: bugs at hypra.fr
User: bugs at hypra.fr
Usertags: hypra colomban
Severity: wishlist
Forwarded: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/orca/issues/20

Sticky Keys are useful for people with limited mobility or similar,
allowing them to press key combos as separate strokes (e.g. "Ctrl"
followed by "C" to trigger the combo "Ctrl+C").

It would be great if Orca would support stickyness on the Orca modifier key.


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