Bug#913453: espeakup fails install and ends in broken state

Samuel Thibault sthibault at debian.org
Sun Nov 11 09:03:19 GMT 2018


Zachary Kline, le sam. 10 nov. 2018 22:41:20 -0800, a ecrit:
>    * What exactly did you do (or not do) that was effective (or
>      ineffective)?
> I ran "apt update," and "apt upgrade." Espeakup lost speech mid-way through as the systemd service failed to install properly.


> Nov 10 22:22:27 zork systemd[1]: [/lib/systemd/system/espeakup.service:12] Executable path is not absolute, ignoring: sh -c 'modprobe speakup_soft && /usr/bWhat  -V ${VOICE}'Nov 10 22:22:27 zork systemd[1]: espeakup.service: Service lacks both ExecStart= and ExecStop= setting. Refusing.

"/usr/bWhat" is particularly oddd

> I expected espeakup to upgrade smoothly, particularly since this is a "stable," release. 

And I expected systemd to behave coherently :/

Does it fix it if in /lib/systemd/system/espeakup.service you modify 

  ExecStart=sh -c 'modprobe speakup_soft && /usr/bin/espeakup -V ${VOICE}'


  ExecStart=/usr/bin/sh -c 'modprobe speakup_soft && /usr/bin/espeakup -V ${VOICE}'



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