Bug#914122: orca: Supporting reading from a given point?

Samuel Thibault sthibault at debian.org
Mon Nov 19 16:48:55 GMT 2018

Package: orca
Version: 3.30.1-1
Tags: a11y upstream
Owner: bugs at hypra.fr
User: bugs at hypra.fr
Usertags: hypra
Forwarded: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/orca/issues/24

> One feature which would be very useful for partially-sighted users
> would be to be able to use a mouse shortcut (e.g. orca + mouse click),
> to tell that one wants a continuous read from the position pointed by
> the mouse. It is a bit like the sayall command, except that one does
> not have to first bring the cursor to a given position (which may even
> not be possible for some text), and the reading starts at the mouse
> position, and not necessarily at the beginning of the paragraph.

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