Bug#919417: orca: Orca reads character by character when holding navigation keys pressed

Samuel Thibault sthibault at debian.org
Wed Jan 16 23:00:04 GMT 2019

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Robert Schindler, le mar. 15 janv. 2019 19:48:15 +0100, a ecrit:
> When walking through a line of text quickly, e.g. by holding the right
> arrow pressed, Orca reads character by character instead of staying in
> sync with the cursor position, what makes releasing the key in the right
> moment impossible.

Do you mean: on your system the synthesis keeps saying the whole
character, and all characters, while you would rather that the synthesis
stops as soon as moving to another character, to the point that
characters are never spoken entirely, but just a glimpse?

If so, it happens that on my system I am getting that latter behavior,
with speech dispatcher 0.8, espeak-ng, and orca 3.31.4, so it seems
something is different with your system...

Which desktop are you using?  Which application are you trying with?


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