Bug#919411: orca: CapsLock isn't disabled though being used as Orca modifier

Robert Schindler robert at shajil.de
Sat Jan 26 23:06:08 GMT 2019

Samuel Thibault wrote:
> AIUI gnome is pushing to wayland...

Disabled it via /etc/gdm3/daemon.conf. What a relief! Thank you very
much for sorting this out with me.

So to conclude this:

Orca needs xkbcomp, which doesn't work under Wayland at all, as well as
xmodmap etc. But GNOME now uses Wayland by default. So the only solution
is disabling Wayland and switching back to Xorg, right? Is there any
replacement for xkbcomp under Wayland that Orca could use instead to
manipulate the keyboard? Or is Xorg going to be a requirement for Orca
users for the foreseeable future?

Best regards
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