Bug#943646: python3-pocketsphinx: Update to more recent version which supports get_model_path

Samuel Thibault sthibault at debian.org
Sun Oct 27 14:08:26 GMT 2019


simon, le dim. 27 oct. 2019 14:57:21 +0100, a ecrit:
> Please update the package to track upstream from
> https://github.com/bambocher/pocketsphinx-python/

I'm surprised: what is relation between that python binding and the
python binding integrated in 

> uses the upstream
> https://github.com/cmusphinx/pocketsphinx-python
> which is a very outdated fork of the
> https://github.com/bambocher/pocketsphinx-python
> repository.

I would have thought that it's the latter which is a fork, since AIUI
sphinx is supposed to be managed by CMU. But not all source files of
https://github.com/cmusphinx/pocketsphinx-python are present in
https://github.com/bambocher/pocketsphinx-python : the C pocketsphinx
library is not there for instance.

> Not sure which is the correct way to go, switch to separate source, ask direct
> upstream (cmusphinx) to fix their lagging behind the indirect upstream
> (bambocher), or something else?

I guess discussion is needed with upstream to understand what should be
packaged, indeed. Even just the version numbering is not coherent
between them.


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