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Fri Nov 29 21:11:39 GMT 2019

Control: reassign -1 orca

I'm reassigning this to orca, in case there is something that can be
done there to allow power saving when it's not actively speaking.


On Thu, 2019-11-28 at 20:54 -0500, thomasw at fastmail.cn wrote:
> I have to appologize for an error I made when reporting this. It can
> actually be reproduced in both Arch and Debian. The difference was
> that I didn't have pulseaudio installed on my Arch system. I am blind
> and use Orca. If I have Orca playing through pulse, the pc states are
> not entered in both Arch and Debian with the newer kernels. If pulse
> is on but Orca is disabled, I can enter the pc states. I am not sure
> if all sounds playing through pulse cause the pc states to not be
> entered or if this is specifically an Orca/speech-dispatcher/espeak-
> ng problem. I had sighted assistance reading powertop with Orca
> disabled and could only test this one case with no sounds playing
> (sighted help is limited in my current living situation). The
> information in my first message about the kernels where this occurs
> and those in which this does not occur is still accurate. I don't
> think this matters but I will include that I use the Mate desktop.
Ben Hutchings
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