questions about installing Emacspeak

Rich Morin rdm at
Sun Dec 22 01:08:27 GMT 2019

I am building a VirtualBox VM, based on Ubuntu disco, for use with Vagrant.  I would like to
install Emacspeak in this VM.  I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you can answer for me.

I'm doing the installations by means of a shell script which invokes "apt-get install -y ...".
So, I'd like to avoid the configuration dialogs, eg:

- "Default speech server: ..."
- "If a hardware device is used to generate speech, ..."

Looking in .../debian/config, I get the impression that I should be able to avoid these dialogs
by pre-filling a configuration file.  However, I can't find any documentation that explains how
to do this and I'd rather not try to reverse engineer the Perl.  Can you give me (a pointer to)
this information?

I also need some plausible answers for these questions.  Given that I'm already installing the
eSpeakNG package, my guess is that "espeak" and "none" would be reasonable.  Does this seem OK?


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