Bug#978315: xgettext complains about UTF conformance of strings not marked for translation

Santiago Vila sanvila at unex.es
Sun Dec 27 17:05:54 GMT 2020


The upload of gettext 0.21 for Debian unstable has made package "dasher",
maintained by Samuel Thibault (in Cc), not to build anymore, as reported here
by Lucas Nussbaum:


We are not sure where is exactly the problem (either "dasher" or "gettext").

In short: xgettext seems to parse and complain about UTF conformance
of strings even if they are not marked for translation.

Here is a minimal test case provided by Samuel:

----- Begin forwarded message -----

€ cat test.c

#include <wchar.h>

void f(const wchar_t *str) { }

void g(void) {

€ xgettext test.c
xgettext: x-c.c:1666: phase5_get: Assertion `UNICODE_VALUE (c) >= 0 && UNICODE_VALUE (c) < 0x110000' failed.


----- End forwarded message -----


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