[Pkg-acpi-devel] acpid 1.0.4 possible local DoS ?

Oscon oscon at mail.datanet.hu
Wed Oct 8 09:24:38 UTC 2008


After resume from suspend to ram I had SOMETIMES (!) - 5-10% ? - this problem:

There are "Too many open files" error messages in /var/log/acpid about 5000 
times in a few minutes. Size of /var/log/acpid more than 1200M.

Xserver, keyboard, acpid event_button() don't respond of course. -> local 
DoS ?

I found this problem in other distributions:  / Thank you for google :-) /

(for example)


I call suspend_to_ram with modified /etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh (powersave -u in 
place of "/sbin/shutdown")

I tried this patch:


It seems, acpid works correctly now after 8days uptime with more than 15 
successful resume_from_suspendtoram.

acpid 1.0.6 (Lenny) contains this patch, but there are acpid 1.0.4 in Etch.

Please apply this patch for acpid-1.0.4 in Etch.


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