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Thu Dec 10 03:05:35 UTC 2009

Dear Friend,
 It is my pleasure to inform you about our success in registering 
your box at last with DHL DELIVERY COMPANY to avoid the expiration of the bank 
draft/check and any delay in delivering your fund. Your fund worth of 
$1.950,000USD (one millions nine hundred and fifity thousands united states 
dollars) was well packaged into consignment box to deliver to 
 There is certificate of ownership documents inside it which proof 
that you are the right person that won the fund. This fund is your wining award 
from the office Ministry of Finance cotonou-benin Republic during their 2008 
annual year end drawal, your e-mail address was attached as the one of ten luck 
winners.The package delivery fee has been paid by the bank, and it was 
registered as express delivery package but never let the DHL Delivery Company or 
the director know the content.  So contact   them now with these information 
 Your name.., Delivery Address., Your Cell Telephone Numbers.. and 
Your Personal Identity... Mind you that all payment regards to this delivery has 
been paid except the custom stamp fee and the S.K.F  fee which is  $25.00per 
day. So contact them to assist you verify the stamp fee from their airport. Make 
sure you send the stamp fee to them immediately so that they will freely pass 
out from your country airport when they arrive.
 Our agreement with this company is that they must deliver this 
package within seven days of this depositing so contact them immediately you 
receive this email. Contact person Mr. Edward Todd e-mail:(dhl_companybf at wippies.com)   therefore 
contact the director and ask him to tell you when they will arrive your country 
with your package and how much is your total fee and to who you will send the 
fee to. 
Best regard, Mrs. Kalu Jearon,
Secrectary to Ministry Of Finance.
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