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Tue May 12 06:44:55 UTC 2009

Attention please!
My name is MR.kuma joseph  Secretary to the  manager=2Cforeign remittance d=
ept of a Bank here in Burkina faso .
On our dest we have a foreign customer=2C who unfortunately lost his life i=
n the plane crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261=2C which crashed on January=
 31 2000. You may read more about the crash on visiting this C.N.N News=20
internet website:=20
 I desprately need your assistance to secure and move huge sums of money le=
ft behind by our late customer which amount US$ 6.7million dollars=2C
I will pay you=20
30% of the total sum for your coperation in this matter.I will give you mor=
e details=2Con your positive response=2C also include in your reply and=20
acknowledgement of this mail.=20
Yours faithfully=2C=20
MR . KumaJoseph=

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