[Pkg-acpi-devel] Bug#521280: Bug#521280: Input daemon supplementing acpid

Stefan Tomanek stefan at pico.ruhr.de
Fri May 22 19:59:44 UTC 2009

Dies schrieb Michael Meskes (meskes at debian.org):

> > So even if kacpimon does display them, I haven't found out how to handle the
> > events using acpid - that's why I wrote the hotkey daemon.
> I'd prefer to figure out why acpid is not reacting to that event. This is not
> meant to diminish your effort, but I'd prefer to not have yet another daemon
> running.

I think acpid does not react to EV_KEY events - and it also does not support
hotplugging, so it won't detect an USB keyboard added to the system after boot.

If all ACPI events are also transported through the input layer (like the POWER
button), I wonder if its not even easier to abandon acpid in favour of a more
generic input-event daemon than to introduce acpid to hal and rest of the
hotplugging infrastructure.

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