[Pkg-acpi-devel] Bug#483937: acpid: ignores scripts in suspend.d and resume.d

Jakobus Schuerz jakobus.schuerz at gmx.at
Mon Nov 2 22:53:48 UTC 2009

I have the same Problem

# acpid -v
# acpi -v
acpi 1.1

There is a script /etc/acpi/prepare.sh which calls the scripts in 
/etc/acpi/suspend.d/, but this script isn´n called from any other 
script. So the STOP_SERVICES and other Variables in 
/etc/default/acpi-support are out of function.
Stop and Restart Services at suspend and resume will not work for me here.

I think it´s a bug relatet to acpi-support.

Best regards from Vienna


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