[Pkg-acpi-devel] Bug#556903: Bug#556903: Is acpi-support deprecated?

Jonathan Nieder jrnieder at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 20:53:19 UTC 2009

[Ccing some Ubuntu acpi-support maintainers for advice]

Summary for those just coming in:

While trying to track down some minor acpi-support bugs, I noticed
that the package is deprecated in Ubuntu [1].  I am wondering what
this means for Debian.

Michael Meskes wrote:
> [I'm sorry, but I do not see why this warrants a bug report. I'm more than
> willing to discuss things, but fail to see the bug in it.]

I will admit I did it this way mostly for the sake of a readable
achive.  This works just as well with a closed bug, so I don’t mind. :)
For the record, it was a wishlist bug about the package description.

>> Recently, I was surprised to learn upstream considers these scripts a
>> deprecated temporary solution:
>> ...
>> 1. What is the suggested replacement for these scripts?  I know the
>> ...
> How about asking the people that did say it's a deprecated temporary solution?
> None of them is here.

I’m surprised at that.  It is too bad there is not some overlap.
So I should ask this instead:

Are you aware of upstream’s concerns, and if so, how are they meant to
be solved in Debian?

I am much less interested in the replacement for acpi-support within
Ubuntu, since that is likely a different story.

> > 2. Would it be possible to direct users better in the package
> > description?  I am imagining a notice somewhat along these lines:
> > ...
> Why? The Debian package differs from Ubuntu's version to quite some extend
> anyway and may be kept even if Ubuntu chooses to retire it.

This is a start to an answer.

> An important aspect
> IMO is that Ubuntu acpid still is not able to read the new netlink device while
> ours is.

This seems like a red herring.  I have acpid installed right now, but
the power button does not work, so I think the relevant package is
actually acpi-support (or acpi-support-base).  Surely Ubuntu could
learn from Debian and also use netlink if the source for ACPI events
is the problem.

> As long as we don't see the package as deprecated I see no reason for
> confusing our users.

Yes.  I am glad you did not blindly apply my suggestion.

It sounds to me like there are no plans to move away from the
acpi-support package in Debian, then.

Martin, Steve, what do you think?  Am I understanding correctly that
acpi-support is deprecated in Ubuntu?  Are the reasons for deprecation
Ubuntu-specific, or do they apply to the Debian package, too?

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AcpiSupportDeprecation

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